Saturday, June 8, 2013

Insuring My Future With Insurance

I bought a life insurance policy a couple of years ago. I went online to a few different websites to try to find the best value and eventually settled on Progressive, as it was the cheapest from those I'd researched and I recognized the brand name.

From the time I initiated the process of buying the insurance from Progressive to the time I printed out my temporary insurance info it was probably less than an hour, which I found quite appealing. Also appealing was the fact that I did not have to speak to anyone. This allowed me to go through the process at my own pace and without having to endure any sales tactics. 

I was able to make my decision based purely on my own criteria and not any criteria imposed upon me. I chose to pay in an annual lump sum, which was approximately $3000. When the next year's payment became due, I noticed I had received a discount as I had become part of a new tier of customer.

I think it was called a Gold Membership status or something similar. The discount appealed to me and, although I had to cancel the insurance before the next year's payment became due, as I got a much cheaper life insurance policy through work, I will most likely purchase insurance from Progressive again if I ever feel I need more coverage.Got to do some legwork first though: The Insurance Gazette.

One thing I would be happy to see would be a discount if I already have insurance through Progressive on a car or something like that. 

I presently have insurance through them on my car, so knowing that I would receive a discount on a motorcycle or life I purchase in the future would give me further incentive to buy insurance through Progressive, although as I previously mentioned, I will probably go ahead and buy through them again as my previous experience with them went so well.

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